Am I doing this right?

You drop some of your food and suddenly you have to throw yourself on top of it to stop your dog from eating it, but is it really that bad? For years we have been told there is dog food and human food, which can hurt and even kill them, but who told us this? It is true some food is extremely toxic to dogs and cats, but have you ever wondered what their food is made of. The label made say chicken, but why does it look like there isn’t any chicken in it then. How much chemicals are inside their food? We love them so much so it is time to see what we are really feeding them.


To be honest, I was actually writing about something else, but then it hit me. I learned the lesson too late, but there are other dog lovers who will need to hear this. In another post I talked about alternative medicine or vitamin C to treat cancer. While it helped more than any other medicines I fail to realize my mistake. What am I feeding him?  It is true we are what we eat and lately eating healthy and organic has been an important change for many, but what about or pets. Thanks to a study driven by Purdue University in 2005 a sad and hurtful truth was revealed.  Three times a week they took some fresh vegetables and added them to a bowl of processed food. The results were unbelievable: 90% decrease in risk of cancer. That wasn’t the only thing they found out. The record for the oldest cast has been held by the same person twice. When asked his secret to get one cat to live for 34 years and the other for 38 years his answers was simple: I just give them my food.


Creme Puff. Died in 2005 at the age of 38

It is true not all food is good for animals. For example, chocolate would kill them; milk will hurt cats, and many others. The real question here is what are we putting in our beautiful companions’ bodies, because whatever they eat will have an effect and that will either be a positive one or a negative one.                                                         The same goes for humans. While helping Jack in his fight it never occurred to me of a close friend whose father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. During one of his chemotherapies he broke down in tears. He couldn’t do that anymore so made his bags and went to a mountain range where he changed his diet and started to meditate. He ate only what he grew. Her father, who was told he only had ten months to live with treatment, has been alive for more than ten years.  His story isn’t the only one I have been lucky to hear from the survivor´s lips.bigstock-Dog-With-A-Feeding-Bowl-Full-O-51736609


While it never occurred to me to change my Jack’s diet from dog´s food to fresh food I know see my mistake. I lost my dog to cancer and there isn’t a day I don’t think about him, but I know he rests in peace knowing his example may help another


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