You may be half, but I love you whole

You may be half, but I love you whole. A beautiful message from a woman to her half-sister. This was used in a movie, but it applies in many more ways. When talking about breeds of dogs, sometimes we forget that the breed is not the most important thing; it is the personality and love. Yes, this page is about schnauzers, but that also includes mixes and this post is for them because they are as amazing as any other dog.

Pip. Half Schnauzer / half Jack Russell IG: l_john_son

A few weeks ago a fellow schnauzer lover suggested me to write about mix breeds and offered to help by telling me about his dog Pip, half Jack Russell half schnauzer.  He has two dogs, a full-blooded schnauzer and the one mentioned before. If you know something about Jack Russells then you know they are full with energy and love to run, so imagine a mix between these two breeds: Amazing.  He is more flexible than his brother and loves to cuddle and chase the ball. This dog is intelligent, spunky, sensitive, fearless and runs as fast as the lighting.  Both are simply incredible.

Half Schnauzer half Cavalier King Charles  Spaniel

Mix dogs are a full surprise because the only thing you know you will get for sure is a huge amount of unconditional love. There is a half husky half schnauzer, half- Pomeranian, half Dalmatian and the list  can go on to an  infinite amount of combinations, where the schnauzer part can be less than a ten percent. Nevertheless all animals, not just dogs, are amazing.

Half Boston Terrier

When it comes to the personality, it is true that the breeds are raised to have a certain type.  You may have five schnauzers and each has their own personality. One is more cuddling than the other, another is more fearless, the third one is a little more dependent, etc. but at the end of the day all five have a certain amount of similarities because in their origins they were created to be that way. When it comes to mix dogs is when the mystery begins. You can get a husky in the body of a schnauzer or as mentioned before a Jack Russell. Nevertheless, it doesn´t matter the combination because at the end the love you get is better than anything else.


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