A perfect nanny?

It’s been thousands of years since dogs became humans´ best friends, but what about kids? People come across that question more often than you may think. Should I have kids first and then a dog? Wait till they get older? Should I just have dogs or kids? Is it a good idea to leave my kids and the dog alone? The interesting part to this is that when doing a research you may find out that a few hundred years ago adults used dogs as nanny. In fact, remember Peter Pan? The dog was not supposed to be the nanny in order to make a funny joke, the real job was not make you laugh it was to let you know some curiosities

96b87acb1252f95087eba7e5ff117a3dabout that time.

Yes, dogs can work as nannies. One breed that is amazing with children, but ironically has a bad reputation:  pit-bull. They may seem scary but are in fact great with kids. There are many breeds with bad reputation but with a heart of gold. What about schnauzers; are they good with kids? The aarticle-0-1243FB1B000005DC-492_634x871nswer is YES! The breed in general is amazing with family and loves to cuddle. Let’s remember that each dog is different, while this may go in general each dog has their own personality. For example: Sexy, my miniature schnauzer was amazingly patient with little children (including myself). She may have not played a lot with them but never hurt them. On the other hand is Jack, my giant schnauzer. He is really big and sometimes his looks scare people away. One time while walking we came across a summer school for kids. One kid yelled that there was a dog and suddenly there where ten from age six to nine with my dog. I admit I started to get worried, not so much about jack being hostile, but more about the kids hurting and scaring him turning Jack into a defensive mode. I have never been so wrong. Not only did Jack had more patient than Sexy, he started to play with them, licking them, and even letting some of them ride in his back. He was so good I had to take him the other day because the little kids loved him.Schnauzer-sleeping-kid

Having explained the point that it also depends on the personality; Jack was more playful then Sexy, the breed is also known for being a great family and kids pet according to animal planet and other sites. If you are planning on having a kid and a schnauzer it is advised to watch out for the kid more than the dog because they may get excited and hug them not knowing they are hurting the dog.

If you still doubt, there are sites of people discussing their experiences of kids and schnauzers. Needless to say that most of them speak highly of this breed.

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