Fray Bigotes

When the world seems to be getting worse is when the purest of heart come to light. Lately most of the news are either sad or threatening, but then the internet showed us this amazing Frays in Bolivia and their new member: Fray Bigotes (Fray Mustache).descarga (1)

One day the life of a schnauzer puppy life changed forever. When Kasper Kapron saw th
mascotas060301-640x429is puppy abandoned on the streets of Cochabamba, Bolivia he didn’t think twice and adopted him. This puppy became the new member of   Convento Franciscano de Cochabamba.  To make the point clearer the monks dressed him as one of their own.

The good news and the wonderful hearts they have don’t end there. The story got viral thanks to their page in Facebook. Where they uploaded pictures of Fray Carmelo, now known as Fray Bigotes, with them and underneath the photo the amazing message of inciting others monasteries or anyone to do the same and not let an animal had to go a night without love or with cold.  Their message is not only that, it is more; it promotes doing instead of talking.

There is no surprise these got viral since this new Fray is adorable and the message they are sending, even more. Let’s hope this example doesn’t end here and more good news comes along.

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