Tell me your story: origins of a breed

Have you ever looked at your furry best friend and wonder where they came from? Why do they always hunt? What is their story, all the way back? Everything has a reason, some people say and with the schnauzers and many other breeds that proverb is no exception. This amazing breed was created with a purpose, yes all three. They may have different fathers, but in the end they all are schnauzers.0e8be991de99ff27655ee8a651a36c4e

First of all there is the signature look of the schnauzer, the one the all three have: the beard. Schnauzer is the German word for mustache; this information gives away how important is that amount of fur. The beard was created to help them during the battle against vermin. Since this breed is a terrier they needed their special shield against their attackers and what could be better than one that is always on your body.  The vermin will get lost and confused in this maze of hair and the advantage will go to the schnauzer.


Don’t get confuse, these breeds may have battle qualities, but they also have many qualities of a gentleman. These two opposites can be observed, but when you add another schnauzer to the mix things will get a little wild. Their gentleman qualities go away and instead come the barking that is almost impossible to silence and suddenly you will wonder if you live with wolves since they will start howling.  Then you will see the bouncy and bold dog that is known worldwide.

Their origin isn’t a secret, their name will tell everything. As said before, their name is German, this means they originated in Germany, as a contrast to most terriers that were born in the United Kingdom.  The Germans wanted a dog that would be a terrier ( terra, Latin for earth), that will go down and hunt vermin.  They observed their breeds and realized the standard schnauzer was perfect except for his size. To solve this problem they crossed the standard schnauzer with a poodle and the affenpinscher. The result: the amazing miniature schnauzer.


The Germans sure made a great job with this furry friend. They exceeded in creating a lovable, intelligent, bold, and courageous companion that is also easily alerted.  So next time your best friend is hunting a bird or vermin, you can know is in their nature and when someone ask you what is wrong with their face or why they have a beard know it does have an amazing purpose and they probably just fear the beard.

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