After hearing about Jacks results and having our hopes back with the idea of vitamin C we needed to take action. The clock was ticking and time became our enemy. It seemed to be harder than we thought and it was extremely important to find everything and start as soon as possible. There was no way we would let another day pass, but it wasn’t as easy.

At the beginning we couldn’t find the vitamin and the amount needed. We tried with veterinarians, but none had ever done this kind of treatment. I tried contacting a famous doctor that treats cancer with vitamin C, but the answer I got wasn’t what I expected. His words did serve to make my anger grow and use that energy to have more fight for my dog. After what felt like decades of searching my father finally found the solution. If you can´t find it make it he said. He found all the ingredients. I have never been happier that he worked with animals when he was younger.

Thanks to him the ingredients arrived a few days later. Now it was IMG_8728time to go to the veterinarian. We sat him down and explain what we wanted to do. My father told him he could join us or not but either way we will do it. Thankfully my dad knows how to do a veterinarians work so if the answer was a negative one we would still be able to proceed.  After talking to him he decided to help. At the beginning he felt a little uncomfortable but later became happy with the idea. If it worked it means we found the black string. Either if he did it for money, fame or love for my dog I couldn´t care less as long as he worked.

Let me explain how the treatment works. According to your dog and his disease is the amount of solution he will need. The solution will enter his body through a needle as in an intravenous therapy.  It takes four hours and the dog must be still all the time. It doesn´t make the dog dizzy or give them the same secondary effects as chemo and by giving them vitamin c by mouth at the same time it helps them with any unsettling feeling they may have.

The famous chair

The treatment was scheduled the same day the ingredients arrived. I couldn´t be there for my baby boy because an urgent affair appeared out of the blue. It broke me, but thankfully my dad was there.  We were nervous Jack wouldn’t accept the treatment or wouldn’t be still for the next four hours.  After six hours I received a call, Jack had accepted the treatment. I couldn´t care less that I was in the middle of a public space, I started jumping and making sounds of joy. Now it was just a matter of time and observation. The next therapy is next week and in this week we need to watch him, see if anything changes. I know he will fight until the end just as his best friend did.


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