“Dad is this chair where he always sits?”

IMG_9287A few days ago I received the weirdest call from my dad. Jack, my dog, has tried to attack him. It didn’t make sense to me since my dad is Jack´s second favorite person. I assume he was exaggerating a bit or taking it out of context. He explained it wasn’t the first time Jack had tried to bite him.  After what my dad must have felt like a police interview I got the context. Jack was sitting on a chair and my dad has tried to get him off. As a result, my dog had launched his teeth toward my dad´s arm.   He was afraid that with the health problems my dog has he might be going delusional or forgetting. Then my dad said what became one of my biggest fears: if he doesn’t change I will have to put him to sleep. If he is going delusional then is time.

I was in a complete shock. I yelled he couldn’t and wouldn’t do that and not after we lost Sexy, my other dog. Give me a chance let me see what is going on, I said to him. I knew my dog wouldn’t hurt me. He might be territorial, but he has shared all his favorite spots and toys with me. The only thing he loves more than me is food.

After weeks of working on projects and finally catching a break I got into a plane to see my baby.  At the beginning everything was like it has always been. He was acting like a baby again and getting pampered by me. After an hour I went to sit on a chair and he just put his head on my lap. My dad came and saw me on the chair. He was in utter shock. He asked if Jack tried to attack me or got mad. I said he didn’t that everything was fine. Then it hit me.IMG_0115

“Dad is this chair where he always sits?”

“Yes. Why?”

I started laughing. I couldn’t believe it.

“Dad this is the chair where I always sits. He just sits here because of me.”

Turns out my dog was missing me because it took me longer to see him thanks to the amount of work. He associated that chair with me and in turn decided to protect it and save it for me. When someone tried to sit and he attacked it was because he defended what he associated with me. The joy of being love that much by such an amazing creature was quickly suppressed by the thought of how my absence affected my dog. As much as I love him I couldn’t take him to work with me or removed him from the garden. It seemed selfish to change all his life.  As dog lovers who go through it we suffer, but there are more options and actions we can take. I will talk about them on my next post. For now, I sleep well knowing my dog is not becoming aggressive and knowing I am loved in the most amazing way.

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