Fear the beard


Fear the beard, a phrase so well known by the schnauzer lovers. It actually holds a lot of truth to it. How many of us fear when our furry friends go to drink water, ending with their beards dirty? Do you ever just stare at that beautiful amount of hair just wondering how come it never looks as white as the first time you lay eyes on your schnauzer? Does your schnauzer now have a brown beard instead of a white, gray or black one?  How does my neighbor keeps their babies beard so clean?  Thankfully there is a way.

First of all, if it never gets dirty you never have to worry. Of course this bread being a terrier it is almost impossible.  Thankfully someone created a no spill bowl. This bowl will help you keep their beards out of the water. They will drink all the water they want, but their beards will be dry and so will your floor. No more worrying about that water trail they left behind.  Also, remind yourself to get a washcloth with the only purpose of drying their beards. Every time you see their beards wet just dry it. All this may seem too much but is worse trying to get that brown stain out of their once white beard.

The other terror: food. Of course your baby needs to eat; we all do, but look at that brown gravy that mysteriously appears. When eating dry kibble suddenly their saliva will create this gravy and voilà their beard is brown. The solution is your new best friend: a washcloth. Seriously is your new best friend. Place their food on top of the wash cloth. Now some dogs a really smart or just like to take their food out of the bowl and eat it on the floor, but for those who don’t help them by placing the food on top of the washcloth.  It has to be white, this way you can tell when their saliva if forming the gravy.

To wash the beard you have to do it daily preferable. Every time after breakfast wash their teeth and beard. Washing the beard works better with a wet washcloth and drying it with a towel. Then brush it with a comb. Now about the smell. Sometimes a schnauzer might get a sour beard. It usually gets mistaken and taken as if the dog just needs a bath. Let’s be clear, no amount of water and soap would get read of the smell, but don´t worry the solution is simple. Pour half a teaspoon of baking soda into a cup of warm water and wait for it to dissolve. Then lightly rinse out a washcloth in it and wipe the beard, generously wetting it.

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