Questions.. oh so many of them: answered!

Picture this: you come home late at night and tired. When you open the door surprise surprise  your living room is a disaster. The dog´s bed and toys are ruined and the stuffed animals are destroyed leaving pieces of its body from the dining room to the bathroom. Oh the bathroom. Now you have to go to the bathroom and you see a new trick your little baby dog just learned by him or herself and it includes the toilet paper. It looks like your dog just drank 3 full energy drinks. Getting  the picture? While you stand there in the middle of the chaos you can’t stop thinking what to do, where do you go wrong in the training.

We love our dogs but sometime we need a manual to just know what to do, especially if it is your first dog.  Along the time we have receive so many questions about the lovely dogs of our followers that include eating grass, behavior, new tricks, training, and all you can imagine. We figure instead of answering one by one like we normally do why not let everyone of our amazing followers or future followers to post here all their questions and let us answer them or let someone who just went through the same give you an answer or tip. Remember no question is dumb and no one is alone when your little baby decides it is time to take an energy drink. Post all our thoughts and remember to send us a pic of your baby to have it post as schnauzer of the week.

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